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Gimpy's Light Heavy Box Performance Mat
Gimpy's Light Heavy Box Performance Mat

Product Description

The days of placing your Light & Heavy Chest directly on the “connecting surface” are OVER!

Gimpy’s new Performance Mat allows you to place your existing Light & Heavy Chest on an innocent looking close-up mat while performing this Classic Effect.

* Totally inspectable

* Can double as a close-up mat

* Will not stick to or damage the surface its used on.

* Non-toxic, can be cleaned with soap and water

* Built to last, should never need to be replaced

* Works with most modern Light heavy boxes. *Unless your box uses the Houdin method it’s going to work for you.

BONUS! As a bonus, you will receive an online secret tutorial that details special moves and handlings developed over years by top pros.

* You will learn the real secrets of these boxes

* How to use the Georgia Magnet technique with your box

* Tips on how to choose the perfect spectator to assist you

* How to use a light weight table

* How to improve the performance of your box

* The “Hop” move

* And much more