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The Mighty Mini
The Mighty Mini
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The Mighty Mini
Don't let the size fool you! A mere 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 4 1/2", this little jewel has just as much weight as our full-size boxes. This light heavy chest is made of cabinet grade oak plywood and trimmed in solid oak and solid brass veneer. This chest is made from scratch in our shop. Its distressed wood finish has the patina of a 200-year-old antique. Your audience will easily believe they are holding a piece of history. It can be performed on a table or the floor. You need only reach inside to set the gimmick. This box will not wiggle between reset or when it is being lifted. It sets solid and totally silent. But that's not all! This box comes with one extra surprise. When the spectator tries to lift the box--Surprise! The handle comes right off in their hand! This was an addition suggested as a comedy effect by Award-Winning Magician Christopher Lyle. No harm done, just have them try to lift it by the sides--it won't even budge! The handle is held by magnets that adhere to a piece of steel built into the surface of the lid, so you can use the chest with or without the handle, and the box still looks great.

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