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 Lighter Light Heavy Chest
Lighter Light Heavy Chest
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Product Description

 Lighter Light Heavy Chest
I am especially proud of this Light & Heavy Chest. It's the culmination of everything I know about this prop put into a simple, everyday box.

It is a Light Heavy Box that provides a double deception! How could an ordinary cardboard box--a cardboard box you could normally pick up with one finger--be impossible for the spectator to lift? After all, it's only a cardboard box!

One deception is the use of a common everyday item that could be found in any house, building, or street corner. Another deception is in how light this common item normally is.

It looks, feels, and smells like a normal cardboard box--the sides even bend in response to the spectators hands--but it is definitely NOT normal! Even though it looks like a cardboard box, it has the meticulous detail to construction and the smooth, silent operating gimmick that Gimpy's light heavy chests are known for, plus YOU CAN SHOW THE INSIDE OF THE BOX! My presentation shows the spectator blindfolded, but the blindfold is entirely optional--the effect works just as well without it.

What you get:

1) A durable gaff that can be installed in any 9" x 9" cardboard box.

2) A cardboard box. The gaff is installed inside a cardboard box at our workshop.

3) Full instructions on how to install the gaff if you wish to use a different box.

4) Performance instructions and original comedy routine.

Effect: A spectator is chosen from the audience and blindfolded. He is told that he will participate in an experiment that will rob him of his strength. It is further explained that he will be asked to lift a very heavy antique box. Now the box is unveiled (or removed from a nearby trash bin if you wish). The audience sees only a small cardboard box.

The volunteer places his hands on the sides of the box and is asked to guess its approximate weight. Then the magi opens the box towards the audience. The box can be freely shown as an empty box.

The spectator is now placed under a hypnotic spell. The magi tells the spectator a very heavy object will be placed inside the box. The audience sees the magi put a small light object in the box. Again, the spectator is asked to guess the weight of the box. No matter how hard he tries he can't even pick it up. Once he gives up, the magi picks up the box and removes the light object. Now the spectator can lift the box.

This can all be repeated several times. The effect is that the audience is convinced that the box is never heavy and that the spectator must be under a trance.

Box size is 9" x 9" x 9" and includes instructions with a hilarious original routine.